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X-Ray Results

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Urgent Care +

Primary Care

Southern Rapid Care can serve as both your urgent care or regular family doctor. We bill as a primary care facility to drive down our patients' expenses and copays. Remember that all six of our providers have 25+ years of ER experience - so we can handle almost any emergency and our goal is to keep you from having to go to the ER.

Onsite X-rays

Need an X-Ray? Ours is digital and we can provide you with a copy of your images before you leave. We also have wonderful relationships with other local health entities in the event you need referrals or direct admittance to the emergency room.


Our hydration recovery room is designed for your wellness and recovery. Relax in one of our chaise loungers and watch TV while our nurses provide your body with an oxygen treatment and a plethora of vitamins and nutrients designed to aid in your recovery. These treatments are an amazing way to recover when your system has been stressed.

Wellness Exams

Preventive medicine is now the health model of choice by many leading physicians. Why wait until you're sick to come get medical attention? There are proactive steps you can take that will help ensure that you don't get sick in the first place. Southern Rapid Care can perform wellness visits and help keep you in tip top condition. A substantial portion of these wellness visits are encouraged and honored by many health insurance carriers.

Full Laboratory Testing

We are a one-stop shop for all your testing needs. If there's something that we can't do in-house, we'll send it out and have results back for you in a timely manner. From CBC's to CMP's, Southern Rapid Care is set up to address all blood and urine analysis needs, plus virus testing, and other urgent diagnostics.

Sports Physicals

Do you have a middle or high school student in need of a sports physical? These exams generally cost about $15.00, and we cover several exam areas and minor lab tests. We make sure that your athlete is in good shape so they can perform their best during tryouts, practices, and games.


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