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Shelia Stephens, CRNP  Owner

Shelia Stephens is a National Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience,  Specializing in Geriatric’s, and Emergency Medicine.

Shelia is one of three masterminds behind the Southern Rapid Care family of clinics.

She met her partners, Liz Michon and Julie Murphy while working in the Emergency Room, and they became an incredible team.

Shelia's mission was to offer better care than an emergency room, wihtout the long wait times, and in a better environment. You'll find that all our clinics are decorated with thoughtful touches.

Liz Michon, CRNP  Owner

Julie Murphy.jpg
Julie Murphy, CRNP  Owner

Lipke_Jeffrey Color.jpg
Dr. Jeff Lipke, Family Practice & Pediatrics

Dr. Lipke received his Bachelors in Science in Physics at Drake University in Iowa and graduated from Medical School at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  


"Family Medicine is the best because I have the opportunity to care for patients from the cradle to the grave.  My approach to medical care is to address patients as a whole person recognizing that good health involves all aspects of who they are - physical, psychological, spiritual and social.  I chose family medicine because it allows me to develop long-term relationships with my patients as I partner with them to improve their health and well-being over the years.  I especially enjoy providing pediatric and adolescent care as I am able to participate in their care at a critical time in their lives, to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits for the rest of their lives.  My relationship with God is central to who I am and I view my medical practice as a ministry to individuals and families in my community."

Melissa Posey, CRNP
Mitsie Walters, CRNP
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Dr. Ken Franchez, Cardiologist - Coming soon!

Southern Rapid Care

4223 Orange Beach Boulevard
Urgent Care: 25910 Canal Road

Orange Beach, Alabama
Call 251-974-2273

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